Second in class Blog

�In my personal opinion sobriety programs do not have a major impact on people and their personal drinking habits. Drinking has been around almost since the beginning of time. It is a cultural thing that the majority of cultures in the world partake in. Although some countries have more strict laws and some don’t, alcohol is one of those things that will never fully go away. Sobriety programs do their job in helping inform people of the effects of alcohol and consequences that drinking alcohol have. Most of my knowledge of alcohol comes from middle school and high-school, the repetition of courses in college don’t make me want to stop drinking nor do they inform me of anything that I haven't yet learned. If the point is to educate then yes the programs work, however if the point is to cause people to stop or slow their drinking then no I don’t agree that these programs work.

First In Class Blog

For my first time blogging I found the actual experience quite interesting. Whether it be just the thrill of a first time experience or the fact that I actually enjoyed the topic. Who knows, but for a first time experience I enjoyed it a lot for a couple of reasons. First the topic in which I was blogging about was interesting to me. I enjoy science and I enjoy telling people about why I am interested in science. As I stated everything about science fascinates me so even talking about it was fun. In all blogging was just a nice, fast, simple way to put my thoughts to paper or in this case web, for multiple people to follow.